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Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Stay focused on what matters

Social media has become a very promising platform for brand and business marketing. However, the never-ending revamping of social media requires a social media marketing expert to help brands and business in keeping up with new trends. Are you struggling with establishing a social media marketing strategy? Alternatively, do you simply seek a revamping of your existing social media marketing team? Either way, INTELLIGENT DIGITAL’s social media marketing services can help you out in this regard. You can count on us for eliminating the complexities from your social media marketing campaigns so that you can focus on what actually matters: converting visitors into actual leads.

Improved than ever!

INTELLIGENT DIGITAL’s social media marketing services are ever evolving. Our team of social media marketing experts is always keeping a close eye on the latest social media trends, which is why we always keep revamping existing social media marketing strategies. Forget getting stuck up with a decade-old social media marketing strategy that is only going to exhaust your resources. Switch to INTELLIGENT DIGITAL’s social media marketing today because:

We generate Leads to Fuel your sales pipeline

Gone are the days when social media marketing was limited to the generation of organic likes only. Every business owner knows the purpose of a marketing campaign, which is to generate leads for increasing revenues. INTELLIGENT DIGITAL’s social media marketing strategies and plans devised to focus on what actually matters: generation of leads for your business. Our experts are constantly eliminating the complexity out of social media marketing campaign so that you can freely enjoy the process of converting visitors into customers.

Branding and strategy:

At INTELLIGENT DIGITAL we develop strong social media marketing and branding strategies, which are equally beneficial for small brands and large business enterprises.

Content creation and distribution:

With social media marketing, there is no longer any need for you to worry about content creation and distribution. Our team experienced social media marketing experts ensure effective content creation and distribution.

We isolate the target audience:

At INTELLIGENT DIGITAL, we deploy testing in order to identify the various motives and needs of your prospects to isolate target audience from social media platforms. Our clients can effectively make use of this target audience for determination of their preferences. Target audience ensures greater chances of social media marketing success and helps in generation of more leads.

We identify buying triggers:

INTELLIGENT DIGITAL’s social media marketing implements multivariate split testing on various messaging and imagery elements in order to identify the buying triggers of customers. The analytics gained from our testing helps us in reporting these buying triggers to our clients. This helps the clients in streamlining the marketing strategy in such a way, which complies with the customer’s habits.

We fetch customer preferences:

With INTELLIGENT DIGITAL’s social media marketing, we let you collect important customer information regarding their needs, preferences, and suggestions. Our info packs allow us to gather important information that can use to determine user preferences and development of services accordingly.