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Online Display Advertising

Images, which speak to your audience in true means

Pretty images and striking graphics sure play an important role in grasping the viewer’s attention but that is not all about it. Any business owner or marketing expert knows that pretty images and striking graphics are nothing but useless if they fail to deliver the message which you want to convey. To resolve this issue of ineffective display marketing, INTELLIGENT DIGITAL’s display advertising is here for your rescue. Forget the frustration of achieving low conversion rates after spending hours of time and thousands of dollars on “pretty” but ineffective images.

Circumvent the common advertising mistakes to stand out from the crowd!

Being industry experts, a display-advertising team of INTELLIGENT DIGITAL is well aware of all the common mistakes that users make during display advertising. Today, most people are concerned more with the beauty of an advertisement than the message it is supposed to be delivering. A poor advertisement like this one is only going to confuse the viewer’s interest in causing their attention to adrift. To tackle this issue, our team of display advertising experts circumvents all these common mistakes in such a way, which makes you stand out from the crowd.

We are all about dynamics:

With INTELLIGENT DIGITAL’s display advertising, there is no such thing as poor remarketing or failed display advertising campaigns. We take care of every aspect of user preferences and design your ads in relevance with current display advertising trends.

Display advertising experts to your rescue:

Forget getting caught up with ill-skilled advertising professionals. INTELLIGENT DIGITAL brings you Google tested and verified display advertising experts which are adept at creating striking dynamics which deliver your message effectively.

Increase your conversion rates:

Dynamic images, designed by Google verified experts, are all that you need to deliver efficiently your brand’s message. This helps brands and businesses by increasing their conversion rates.

Accelerate remarketing campaigns:

Have you ever wondered if you could grasp the attention of your prospects while they are leisurely surfing through the internet? This is where display advertising steps in. Our unique display advertising strategies offer you an opportunity to display relevant ads on Google’s display network so that the users previously interested in your services/products might immediately reconnect with you through remarketing campaigns.   

What we offer:

  • Strategy consultation on display advertising to ensure its effectiveness
  • We offer you a choice between Remarketing and Display campaign
  • Enjoy the freedom of creating your own, customized banner Ads using Html 5, Flash, Gif and more.
  • Effectively seek out and reach your potential customers who have exhibited an interest in your services or products previously
  • We let you display relevant ads of your business across the Google Display network
  • Enjoy the benefit of reaching your prospects multiple times depending upon your preferences. Choose from our monthly, weekly or daily display packages.
  • We offer advanced proprietary technology, contextual targeting, and Frequency capping to effectively and precisely target your prospects
  • Ad placement and Ad management eliminate the hassle of display advertising for you
  • We deliver monthly reports on the strategies implemented and progress obtained.