Inspired by creativity, developed with expertise

Mobile games are a strong means of improving user-engagement with your small business. The gaming community is growing day by day and because of this reason, it is full of opportunities for business owners. Whether you want to promote your services or streamline user-experience for your customers, a great game is going to be of great use to you. Do you want a game developed for your business as well? Avail our gaming development services today to step into the promising gaming world!

  • Mobile games for everyone:

Irrespective of the type of your gaming needs and the age of your gaming community, we are experts in developing games of all kinds for gamers of all types. Our successful history of gaming dev elopement is evident in our versatile capabilities in this regard.

  • Games for all platforms:

We develop bespoke and curiosity inspired games for all kinds of software and gaming platforms. We develop games, which are suitable for iOS, Android, Microsoft, Amazon, HTML5 and Facebook gaming platforms.

  • We regard no software constrictions:

One of the most common problems gamers have to face is the non-compliance of games with different software. We develop games which work equally well on all kinds of user interfaces. Simply tell us what your needs are and we will take care of the specifications for you.

Our mobile games have:

  • Simplistic designs:

Complex games may look pretty at first but they are nothing more than a waste of time. No user wants to play a game that is hard to understand from basic steps. At INTELLIGENT DIGITAL, our gaming developers focus on developing simplistic designs, which are user-friendly and easy to adapt.

  • Impeccable usability:

Are you tired of clunky games that refuse to respond? Our team of mobile game developers is well familiar with the frustration, which comes with non-responsiveness game designs. To eliminate this problem, we have improved the development strategies. Our user-centric approach, combined with our designing principles, has helped us in designing numerous user-friendly games.

  • Test verifications:

Who does not love a tested website? We deploy a seven-step testing mechanism, which ensures the suitability of games for our online gamers. Our game testing strategies and QA testing are nothing but promises of high-quality game development.

  • Social media log-ins:

Want to develop strong connections with your gamer’s community? We have the perfect solution for you. All of our developed games feature social media login options. Give your gamers an opportunity to kick-start a user-friendly gaming experience by letting them log into the games using Facebook or Twitter accounts.

  • Analytics:

As a small business owner, we know how much important it for you to track the performance as well as the experience of your gamers. To streamline the process of gathering real-time gaming analytics, we develop games that offer analytics feature. Enjoy a hassle-free performance of your games by tracking user-experience.