Mobile Game Development in Australia

Smartphones are essential parts of our life since smartphone era has begun. Since then,
specifications of smartphones are developed and today, there are many smartphone brands in the
market. Smartphones are one of the most popular devices in the world and because of the fact that,
there are many smartphone application developers in the world. Android and IOS are the two main
operating systems and all applications are created to be compatible with these two operating
systems. Mobile game development Australia is one of the important tasks for someone who
consider themselves as smartphone application developer. Developing a good mobile game is not an
easy job. Today, lots of people are playing mobile games and most popular games are mostly
developed by professional game developer companies. Intelligent Digital offers mobile game
development Australia service to its customers.


History of mobile games dates to 1994. In this year, first mobile game Tetris was introduced. Tetris is
one of the oldest computer games. It is developed and programmed in Union of Soviet Socialist
Republic. Once it was one of the most popular games. Thanks to technology, this popular game
become a mobile game at the end of the 20

th century. After that, another popular game was
introduced in 1997 by Nokia. Anyone who reads this article is most probably play this game and
probably you guess the game. Yes, it is Snake! After it was introduced, the game become part of
almost every model that introduced by Nokia. Since then, many other mobile games are introduced.
Today, there are thousands of mobile games developed by thousands of game developers.
Smartphone users access this games via App Store or Google Play Store.

Developing a mobile game

Developing an application may not be a hard task. However, you should make an effort to develop a
useful and good application. Professional application developer team of Intelligent Digital can
develop any kind of application including mobile games. All applications developed by our team are
developed as compatible applications with IOS and Android OS. Also, our team developed games
compatible with Microsoft, Amazon, HTML5 and Facebook gaming platforms. Our team analysis
popular games that are being played by users and reveal the user behavior. After that, our design
team is trying to make simple and user friendly graphical user interface as known as GUI for game.
Behavior of the user very important and it should be analyzed carefully because behavior of the users
is not static and it changes day by day. Intelligent Digital is following gaming market continuously and
making the analysis of users’ behaviors.

Our Games

Here you can find our mobile games portfolio.

Other Services

Intelligent Digital does not offer only mobile game development Australia to its customers but also
offers fixed price website design packages, fixed price SEO packages and many other services like
computer repairing.