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Influencer marketing

The world of online marketing is never free of marketing ideas. Influencer marketing is one such top-notch online marketing idea, which has worked in the favor of many online brands in Melbourne. Gone are the days when brands could rely on limited marketing options for the achievement of successful marketing campaigns. As the world is progressing towards advancement, so are the marketing strategies. There is no doubt about the fact that Influencer marketing has rapidly gained a lot of attention deservingly. This is where INTELLIGENT DIGITAL’s influencer’s marketing strategies jump in. Whether you are a startup looking for bright opportunities for product marketing or a well-established business brand seeking improved exposure, INTELLIGENT DIGITAL’s influencer marketing is all that you need.

Integrated influencer marketing:

Content is the core feature of INTELLIGENT DIGITAL’s influencer marketing. Our team of influencer marketing experts is always in hunt of brilliant influencers all over the internet. Our refined selection process ensures that only suitable and extensively renowned influencers contacted for marketing purposes. The branches of INTELLIGENT DIGITAL’s influencer marketing extend far from celebrities and renowned personalities. Any blogger, vlogger, online streamers or industry experts can hire for the marketing purposes depending upon the engagement and nature of their audience. INTELLIGENT DIGITAL’s integrated influencer marketing ensures that a wider range of target audience contacted for the promotion of brands and services in a personalized and influential manner.

Co-creation of marketing content:

Content is the pillar of any effective marketing form. Because of this reason, INTELLIGENT DIGITAL’s influencer marketing puts a special focus on the development of persuading yet personalized marketing content in collaboration with renowned influencers. The content co-created in such a way that it leaves strong impressions on the minds of the reader’s and influencer’s audiences. INTELLIGENT DIGITAL’s influencer marketing team of experts is well equipped with the skills and experience to effectively review and edit the co-created marketing content so that it fits well with the train of thoughts of the audience.

Step into a world of the long-lasting brand influence

INTELLIGENT DIGITAL’s content marketing strategy made in compliance with the following steps:

Opportunity creation:

Opportunity creation lets us put up a brand to be viewed by influencers for marketing purposes.

Target influencers:

INTELLIGENT DIGITAL’s influencer marketing team of experts effectively and quickly shortlists target influencers.


Once the influencers rounded up, bidding held. The influencer with the strongest profiles and the suitable audience selected.

Content creation:

Content co-creation begins in which INTELLIGENT DIGITAL works in concord with influencers to specify content needs.

Content review:

Once marketing content drafted, our experts review it for any changes and omissions.

Publishing and tracking:

The finalized content then published on the influencer’s platform to reach the target audience. Tracking also did to ensure success.

Promoting the posts:

Influencer as well as INTELLIGENT DIGITAL’s team of influencer marketing experts for better exposure promote marketing posts.


Upon success of the influencer marketing campaign, the influencers are paid.