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E-mail Direct Marketing

Maintain regular contacts with your clients

INTELLIGENT DIGITAL knows how much important it is to stay in touch with your valued customers in order to maintain a proper brand image. To fulfill your regular communication requirements with your customers, INTELLIGENT DIGITAL brings the most comprehensive email direct marketing. We market your business through emails in such a way that works entirely in your favor when it comes to income generation. Whether you are a small startup seeking to expand your customer range through a regular communication or a large organization all set to launch a marketing campaign, INTELLIGENT DIGITAL’s email direct marketing will assist you in both these regards. You can count on us to deliver you the most bespoke and unique email marketing solutions, which help in building strong communications with your customers.

Benefits of availing INTELLIGENT DIGITAL’s email direct marketing:

Are you looking for the simplest, most cost-effective and time-saving communication with your customers? INTELLIGENT DIGITAL’s email direct marketing is the answer to all your questions. Our email marketing services not only help you in dispersing the message of your new business offers and discounts to your customers but also maintains a considerable level of professionalism with your target customers. Here are all the reasons as to why you should avail of INTELLIGENT DIGITAL’s email direct marketing service:

  • Cost-effective marketing solution
  • Improve and amplify your conversion rates
  • Generate a greater number of leads
  • Completely environment and user-friendly
  • Develop a more professional impression
  • We offer full-reporting of our services

What we offer

INTELLIGENT DIGITAL’s email direct marketing is simply the most effective and most sought email marketing solution for all kinds of businesses established all over Australia. We offer following perquisites:

  • Customized and segmented databases:

Enjoy the freedom of selecting from our specific email databases and customized data listings, request customized and segmented databases, which suit you the best.

  • Select from a variety of emailing programs:

We offer weekly, fortnightly and monthly email marketing programs. Simply ask the one which you want or let our experts decide it for you.

  • Personalized emails:

To give a unique touch to your business emails, our email direct marketing incorporates unique, engaging and personalized content to appeal the interest of readers.

  • Target-oriented emails:

Our email direct marketing is all about staying in touch with the target audience that achieved through our segmented databases.

  • Appealing subject lines:

Our creative experts in email direct marketing are always brimming with new ideas and appealing subject lines to dear up your marketing campaign.

  • Distinctive look:

We offer a professional and distinctive look to your emails in order to imprint a proper brand image.

  • Subscriber’s freedom:

Your subscribers get to enjoy the freedom of choice as our emails are not at all about “do or die”.

Pricing and more information:

Our email direct marketing packages vary in prices depending upon the type of your business and the nature of your email needs. All our email direct marketing packages have one thing in common: they are all highly affordable. For more information regarding our pricing and details on email direct marketing, contact us today on our given numbers or simply send us an email with your query.