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Customised Content Automation

Revamp the traditional ways to reduce time and costs

Business organizations and enterprises know the struggle of being stuck with old means of content creation. In today’s omnichannel world, it was hard to stick with traditional means of content creation because of the multi-channeled transfer of content to various viewers. INTELLIGENT DIGITAL’s content automation offers an exclusive solution to all the challenges, which traditional methods of content creation pose, to business owners. If you want to enjoy hassle-free content creation without wasting any time or exhausting resources, INTELLIGENT DIGITAL’s content automation solutions work best for all the business owners all over Australia.

Traditional means Vs advanced Content Automation

The need for content automation is beyond imagination. The following challenges posed by traditional methods of content creation offer enough evidence as to why traditional means are no longer feasible:

Content limitations:

Most of the authors and designers opt to commit with one content design that locks the content in one format. This format limitation imposes further limitations on reachability and usability of content by others.


Since the traditional means of content creation do not support the identification of duplicity in disconnected content documents, there are greater chances of content repetition in several files.

Errors and inconsistencies:

During the reusing of content by authors and designers, several sections are copy-pasted into different documents. This results in increased chances of inconsistency and errors in copy-pasted content.

Prolonged mail transfer:

The back and forth sending of documents, files and PDFs in emails for review is a highly time-consuming process.

Manual updating:

Content created by conventional means requires manual updating of certain areas if needed. Increased rounds of review and approval and needed as manual updating done in various media and files.

Complicated reuse:

The content present in document-centric file formats does not have any meta-data. This makes it highly complicated to reuse the content by other authors and designers.

Solution: INTELLIGENT DIGITAL’s Content Automation

Given the present scenario of various challenges faced by content creators by using traditional means of content creation, it is high time that businesses shift to INTELLIGENT DIGITAL’s content automation solutions. Our content automation resolves the traditional challenges by introducing the following solutions:

  • Efficient creation of documents: The efficient creation and consumption of content save time and resources.
  • Automated publishing: This reduces any friction faced during the publishing of content on various platforms.
  • Simplified updating: INTELLIGENT DIGITAL’s content automation solutions make it simpler to update content.
  • Effective tracking: Effective updating of content can track easily along with the tracking of current content.
  • Dynamic reusing: INTELLIGENT DIGITAL’s content automation solutions offer dynamic assembling and reuse of content.
  • Easy delivery of content: Our content automation solution let businesses send personalized content to an audience of different types.
  • Streamlined translation:  Forget the hassle of content translation as INTELLIGENT DIGITAL’s content automation streamlines this feature for you.

INTELLIGENT DIGITAL’s content automation service is a comprehensive solution to all your content creation, consumption, updating, tracking and reuse problems. Avail this service today to free your business from the hassle of managing content manually.